Blend In

by Solid Method

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The brand new epic E.P contains an amount of 5 unforgettable classics that will instantly get stuck in your mind from the moment you press the play button! From heavy but catchy garage rock tunes like the masterpiece "Flowing", to calmer indie pop ballads like "Don't You Know", there is definitely something for everyone to dig on this carefully crafted record debut!

All songs are Written and Composed by the mastermind Gillis Mejlycke that also take care of the Vocals, Harmonies, Guitar, Bass, and Keyboard. In other words, all the instrumentation and vocals that you hear on this record is done solely by Gillis Mejlycke with the important exception of the drums!

But anyway... words can only say so much so let's just let the music speak for itself... turn up your volume amount with a colossal boost and momentarily you will experience the magic of rock n roll pumping right through your bloodstream! So get ready... cause you're in for the most far out trip that you'll ever taken! This masterpiece is going to give you 20 minutes & 44 seconds of pure bliss! And if you want more afterwards... just press the replay button!! 😜😎🎼 

Album Credits:

• Vocals, Harmonies, Guitar, Bass, and Keyboard: Gillis Mejlycke.
• Drums: Anton Nyström and Christoffer Eriksson.

• All songs Written and Composed by: Gillis Mejlycke.

• Recorded and Produced by: Anton Nyström and Gillis Mejlycke.
• Mixed by: Anton Nyström and Gillis Mejlycke.

Recorded in 18 hours at the BD Pop Studio located in Luleå, Sweden.

Thank you for digging the tunes! ツ